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We are glad to inform our users that our newest forex robot Forex GOLD Investor will be launched officially on 1st November 2017! Forex GOLD Investor is the preferred trading system for serious precious metal investors. It is the most advanced EA we’ve ever designed, guaranteed to scientifically extract profits from the Gold Market.

If you have questions about our new forex robot Forex Gold Investor don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer to all questions.


Forex Gold Investor such as many other forex robots (expert advisors) has some time restrictions in its trading strategy. Therefore it is very important to set correct GMT offset in the forex robot settings. This will help to determine the exact time for trading.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) called also Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is used as the official world reference for time. You will often see time zones represented similar to UTC – 3h or GMT – 3h. In this example the (-3h) refers to that time zone being three hours behind UTC or GMT. UTC+3h or GMT +3h would refer to that time zone being three hours ahead of UTC or GMT. The difference in time between our local time and GMT (UTC) is called GMT offset.

Different brokerage companies have different GMT offsets. Therefore it is so important to set a correct GMT offset in the expert advisors settings. Otherwise the forex robots will not be able to detect the correct time when to start or stop trading.  Of course, this will affect their performances negatively.

There are 3 important GMT offset parameters in Forex Gold Investor which must be set correctly. They are:

AutoGMT_Offset: When it is TRUE the robot will automatically find the correct GMT offset of your broker. Change to FALSE only if you want to use the ManualGMT_Offset in your live trading. In this case, please ensure that you have used the correct ManualGMT_Offset for your broker. In rare situations Automatic GMT offset detection system of the robot may fail due to wrong time zon set in the computer. In such situations you must use only Manual GMT offset.

ManualGMT_Offset: For this parameter you have to set the  winter GMT offset  of your broker. This parameter is very important in case that you have disabled the AutoGMT_Offset=false and when you backtest the Forex Gold Investor. If you set wrong value, then you may get unexpected results.

DST_Usage: If your broker shifts the GMT offset with +1 hour in the end of March and change it back in the end of October, you should set DST_Usage=true for live trading. This is important for the correct functioning of the second trading system (Signal 2). If your broker doesn’t shifts the GMT offset and use always one GMT offset then you have to set DST_Usage=false. In both cases it is very important to set value in DST_Usage!

If you are not sure whether your GMT offset settings are correct don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below. We will be happy to help you.


The first issue that forex traders may have before starting trading with automated system is not checking the settings of their MetaTrader 4 trading platforms, because the default settings of mt4 terminals may stop your forex robots from opening trades. To make sure that you will not have problems you have to check the settings on your MetaTrader 4 platform. Please check all the points below for more details:

1. Run your MetaTrader 4 trading platform 24h per day. It is required to keep running trading platforms so the forex robots to open/close trades, if you miss this the robots will not trade.

2. You have to check if your computer, laptop, and notebook is on sleep/hibernate or any other mode. If they are then you have to set up them not to sleep/hibernate. This is very important!! The connection to your broker is very important and this is the trader’s duty to make sure that it is stable and working.

3. One of the tasks you have to check and do is to enable “Auto Trading” on your mt4 platform. You can do this at the top menu of your trading platform.

Auto Trading Enabled - Forex GOLD Investor

You can also enabled auto trading as follows:

– go to the top menu and choose “Tools->Options”. A window will open. On that window you have to choose “Expert Advisors” tab.

Auto Trading Enabled 2 - Forex GOLD Investor

As you can see in the picture above you have to put a tick for “Allow automted trading”.

4. Additionally, it is good practice to check all the charts where you run your forex robots and make sure “Live Trading” is enabled. Here is how you can check it:

– right click on the chart

Live Trading - Forex GOLD Investor

– then click “Expert Advisors->Properties”

– a window will pop-up. Here, you have to check “Allow live trading”

Live Trading 2 - Forex GOLD Investor

5. It is strongly recommended to check and set up  metatrader 4 settings as well. This will guarantee that when you do some modifications in your account, the metatrader 4 will not modify your account’s settings. So, do not miss to check it:

– go to the top menu and choose “Tools->Options” there you have to choose “Expert Advisors” tab.

Auto Trading Enabled 2 - Forex GOLD Investor

As you can see in the picture above, the ticks in the checkboxes have to be removed.

6. Make sure that your account balance is enough so you won’t have problems with the robot’s trading. Having low balance may stop the EAs from trading at all.

7. The rest is up to you. You can start trading and monitoring your metatrader 4 trading platform. It is good practice to check your “journal/experts” tabs from time to time. In case, there are issues or problems you can find the reasons easily in the log files of your metatrader.


We want to inform you that we have added very powerful module to Forex GOLD investor. This module will help you to spy your broker conditions. It is called Broker Spy Module. You can detect what kind of conditions your broker offer, for ex. entry slippage, average slippage, exit signal trades, average spreads, speed and etc.


Broker Spy Module - Forex GOLD Investor

The BROKER SPY MODULE compares the initial entry/exit price ordered from the robot, with the actual broker execution price. The difference between the ordered price and the broker execution price is the actual slippage. If the broker is a correct one (and you are not trading news, spikes or other extreme scalping techniques) the slippage could be either positive, or negative. In long term the average slippage should be close to zero.

Unfortunately some brokers are literally stealing from their clients with tendentious negative slippage without any objective market reason. This is why we’ve developed the BROKER SPY MODULE – to provide to our users this extremely important information – an inside look to the broker’s behavior.

The BROKER SPY MODULE aggregates the whole important information of all trades executed from the robot since it is started. All statistics is written on an external file, so even if you restart the robot multiple times the statistics will not be lost. If you change the magic number of the robot, the robot will create a new file and the statistic will start from that moment. All statistics files from different magic number initializations will be kept with the used magic number in the name of the file. If you want to continue the statistics on some particular file you just need to initialize the robot with the same magic number as is in the file name. The BROKER SPY MODULE statistics files are located in the MT4 Data Folder->MQL 4->Files.

The BROKER SPY MODULE also provides important information about the average order execution delay. The order execution delay could be initiated from the broker in low liquidity conditions, or other objective reasons. Unfortunately in some cases some brokers could use this tendentiously to steal their clients. In other cases the orders delay could be caused by poor, or busy internet connection. However in all possible scenarios this is a very important information to know. It could be considered as normal if your order delay is below 1000 ms (1s) in normal market conditions, unless you do not get a tendentiously negative slippage.

In addition the BROKER SPY MODULE provides statistics for the average spread for all moments in which the robot initiate a trade signal.

Here is what exactly the BROKER SPY MODULE (BSM) statistics show:

The values in the brackets represent the extracted from the BSM history file data, from all previews initializations of the robot. The values outside the brackets represent the statistics since the last initialization of the robot.

  • First Trade – the date and time of the first trade from the statistics.
  • Last Trade – the date and time of the last trade from the statistics.
  • Total Errors – the total number of recorded errors for all type of orders
  • Stop/Limit Orders – the total number of successfully placed pending orders
  • Stop/Limit Deals – the total number of successfully activated pending orders
  • Market Trades – the total number of successfully executed market orders
  • Total Entry Slippage – the total slippage from all market and all activated pending orders in standard 4 digit pips.
  • Average Slippage – the average slippage from all market and all activated pending orders in standard 4 digit pips.
  • Average Speed – the average time delay for accepting of all type of orders in milliseconds (ms)
  • Exit Signal Trades – the total number of successfully executed exit market orders
  • Total Exit Slippage – the total slippage from all exit market orders in standard 4 digit pips.
  • Average Slippage – the average slippage from all exit market orders in standard 4 digit pips.
  • Average Speed – the average time delay for accepting of all exit market orders in milliseconds (ms)
  • Average Spread – average spread for all trading signals generated from the robot in standard 4 digit pips.
  • Last Signal Spread – the spread for the last trading signal generated from the robot
  • High Spread Count – the total number of cases in which the trade is canceled due to high spread, considering the MaxSPREAD setting.


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